KKB_ 1-Passion_white - 240 x 305


Couverture: Koko Black uses couverture chocolate which comprises only pure cocoa mass and cocoa butter. This is a term becoming increasingly relevant as producers substitute inferior, cheaper alternatives for cocoa butter.
Enrobed: Chocolates which have had their centres handmade first, then dipped or ladled in chocolate. Enrobing requires a firm centre and allows for a very thin wall of chocolate.
Fondant: A smooth and shiny sugar syrup made with water, sugar and glucose, cooked to the ‘soft-ball stage’ and then carefully stirred until set to the consistency of a very thick frosting.
Ganache: A mixture of chocolate, cream and butter to create a fine, smooth and creamy centre. The flavour of ganache can be tailored by using different types of chocolate, fruit purées, praline or liqueurs.
Gianduja (pronounced jan-du-ya): A blend of chocolate and roasted hazelnuts, ground to a smooth paste.
Marzipan: A mixture of almonds (orpistachios), sugar and water. Marzipan must have a minimum almond content of 25% otherwise it is considered almond paste. The marzipan Koko Black uses is of very high quality and has a minimum almond content of 50%.
Moulded: Chocolates created with the use of a mould, necessary with softer centres. The outside wall of the chocolate is created and set, then hand-filled with centres, before closing with another chocolate wall.
Praline: A paste made from finely ground nuts, typically hazelnuts or almonds and combined with caramel or ‘burnt’ sugar. In Europe, centred chocolate ranges are often referred to as ‘pralines’.
Truffles: Named for their resemblance to the truffle fungus, truffles are traditionally made with a ganache centre, coated in chocolate and cocoa powder.