Chocolate Collections

With over 100 chocolates and counting - the Koko Black range is broad, indulgent and always adventurous. Born from a balance of principles and values that we hold close, each individual chocolate is meticulously crafted in Melbourne, from the finest natural ingredients.

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Whether indulging in one of our signature pralines or truffles, treating yourself to our sandpiper or inclusion range, or escaping from the outside world and surrendering to a moment of bliss with a Belgian Hot Chocolate, our product range includes something for all tastes.

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Macadamia Moments

We’re celebrating the Macadamia, Australia’s favourite nut, with a new collection of melt-in-your-mouth chocolates.
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Chocolatier's Selection

A handpicked selection of our favorite signature pralines in white, milk and 54% dark chocolate
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Inclusion Range

A selection of delectable centres enrobed in our premium milk and 54% dark chocolate.
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Chocolate Blocks

Our signature blocks are the best way to taste the true characteristics of our white, milk and 54% dark chocolate.
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Sandpiper Range

Inspired by the humble sandpiper bird, our sandpiper range is perfect to share, or eat on the go.
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At Home

Have you fallen in love with our signature Belgian Hot Chocolate in store? Recreate this indulgent treat at home.
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For the Kids

Something smaller for kids, or big kids at heart.
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Vegan Friendly

We have chocolate that suits a wide variety of special dietary requirements including vegan friendly chocolate.
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Wattleseed Macadamia

New Chocolates

Thanks to our passion for chocolate and our love of exploring new flavour combinations, there’s always something new to experience.
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