Discover The Dancing Branches

Koko's Most Precious Find

Snap one up before they prance away!

Build your own centerpiece that you can eat. This year, we’ve released our first-ever edible Christmas tree, and with only a very limited amount planted in each store, we recommend getting in quick!

Decadent dark chocolate, caramelised hazelnuts, currants and a scatter of violets and roses rally up together to complete the taste of our Dancing Branches tree.

Available exclusively in store from Thursday 5th December. 

Making The Dancing Branches

It’s as simple as one, two, tree!

Place the base somewhere stable,
like right upon a festive table.
Join the stands, both A and B,
to set the shape of your Koko tree.
Layer the branches, one to six,
and don’t be fooled, there are no tricks.
Then take the star, the final piece,
to crown your little Christmas feast.