Discover the hidden treasures
of the Koko Forest

Hippity-Hop Pop-Up Box

A collectable pop-up box, and the ultimate selection of chocolate treasure.

The Easter Feast, A Puzzling Piece

Our Easter puzzle is the sweetest scene. Put the pieces together, and nibble in-between.

Hidden Treasures of the Koko Burrow

Inside the secret Burrow is a collection of treats to make your heart hop!

The Bunnies of the Koko Forest

From 54% dark to creamy white, Double Trouble and Three of a Kind bunnies. We have Australia’s largest bunny collection from the Littlest, to the Mightiest and the Biggest of all, discover the Bunnies of Koko’s Burrow.

Easter Wonders

Hunt and discover hidden Koko treasures. There are plenty of mini delicious eggs and bunnies to be found in our limited-edition keepsakes. Our range of Easter Wonders is the ultimate pick, but better hop to it - they won’t last long!

Eggs for every basket

A universe of chocolate eggs awaits you in the Koko Forest. Whether you prefer yours hollow, halved or filled, dark, white, or speckled.. All perfect to hide, and even more wonderful to find.

Brand new to the Koko Range

Meet the Critters of the Koko Forest

Grab your basket and follow the maps,
keep your eyes peeled for the critters’ tracks!
beneath autumn leaves and towering trees,
discover shiny eggs and chocolate treats.

Go where the mushrooms grow and gumnuts drop,
where critters climb and bunnies hop!
There’s hidden treasure all around,
and shiny treats to be found.

Grab your baskets, the hunt begins,
slow and steady always wins.
The Mighty Bunnies will show you the way,
let’s fill our paws for Easter day!

Our Range

In our Koko Forest there are Eggscellent treats hiding inside, the delicious, wonderful, Koko kind.

Our Easter range consists of over 70 unique, handcrafted Easter chocolate gifts. From Eggs & Bunnies of all sizes to bites inspired by the evocative flavours of Easter. We’ve got Easter gifts covered for the littlest to the biggest chocolate lover.