Christmas flavours come alive

Share the magic if you might, a Christmas wish in every bite. From sweet and tart to cinnamon, spice and all things nice: discover Koko’s just-landed flavours to Santa’s sleigh.

Block out time to celebrate

Festive flavours to nibble, share and enjoy. From pudding spices and Christmas fruits to new favourites like cherry coconut and tingly-tart pavlova, unwrap Koko’s festive blocks for dreamy delights that make moments shine so bright.

Very merry marbles

Discover our first-ever Christmas additions to Koko’s marble maze: a traditional tipple of anise, cloves, fresh orange zest and cinnamon caught in dark chocolate or a lingering cherry-coconut take on the classic.

Bite-sized gifts to eat and treat

The taste of Christmas in magic little morsels: spiced gingerbread, tangy pavlova or gooey pudding bites wrapped in Koko’s finest chocolate. Choose or collect them all – just gift them before you keep them for yourself!

Koko’s festive pralines

Handcrafted and handpicked for the perfect Christmas moment. Choose from ganache glimmering in the finest alcohol, rum-soaked raisins or even a hazelnut praline in biscuits and spice – the perfect gift to make the Starry Season a little luxe.