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Product Information

The hint of honey in Reed & Co's Gin & Juice pairs perfectly with Koko's selection of fruity and honey delights. We've carefully paired this gin with a curated collection of premium Koko Black chocolate to please the palate and intrigue the imagination.


  • Reed & Co Gin & Juice 500mL
  • The Australian Honey Collection Praline Gift Box | 16 Piece
  • Velvety Marshmallow 250g | Dark Chocolate
  • Lime in the Coconut | White Chocolate Block
  • Macadamia & Spotted Gum Honey | Caramelised White Chocolate Block
  • Mango Yoghurt Bites | White Chocolate
  • Mango & Vanilla Jam 240g

A collaboration and celebration of premium local gin distillers from across Australia, reflecting their local, native or experimental flavours. Each gin from the Distillers Collection has been selected to pair with a beautifully curated collection of premium Koko Black Chocolate. 


Reed and Co Gin and Juice is really special – it’s a delightful distilled yuzu gin, blended with a unique Gewurztraminer fermentation process. You’ve got a hint of honey blossom, so the Honey Pralines and the Native Honey Crumble Block play nicely in this space. The Mango and Lime products talk to the tropical fruitiness of the Gewurztraminer grapes.

Crafted in Victoria’s alpine region at Bright’s Reed & Co Distillery, this limited edition gin is a true expression of North East Victorian produce. Yuzu gin made with juniper, sencha and shiso combines with Gewurtztraminer grape juice from nearby Billy Button Wines to create a complex but balanced flavour. The initial hit of honey blossom develops into astringent apricot and citrus flavours, with a long, spirited finish.