KKB_17 Dark Pistachio_white - 240 x 305

Our chocolate signature began with the talented and passionate Dries Cnockaert of Bruges, Belgium, and has continued to evolve through the filter and balance of the principles and values we hold close.

Pure chocolate (including only cocoa butter) has a certain untameable nature. It will surprise you from one day to the next and requires much more attention and patience than one would expect.

In the world of chefs, the chocolatier is in a special space.  Most hot kitchen chefs embrace the unexpected, the clamour, the noise and frenzy.  To work with chocolate by hand attracts a different kind of passion, a person slightly (or more!) obsessive who enjoys precision, detail and calm. Generally speaking, a person who lives comfortably inside their own mind.

Each individual chocolate has been meticulously crafted.  Take time to observe it closely and it will add to your appreciation and pleasure.