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Easter Grazing Board

  • Cooking Time | 20 minutes prep time
  • Serving Amount | 8-10 People
  • Difficulty Level | Beginner


Koko Black products

3-4 bags of Treasured Eggs

2 x Speckled Eggs

2 x Mixed Little Eggs 

1 x Hazelnut Praline Triplet Bunnies 

1 x Golden Apricot Bites

1 x Hot Cross Bites

Koko Black Hop-Hop Hot Chocolate, to serve


Other ingredients


Small cookies





Styling items

Large platter or tray

Mini terracotta pots


Green flowers and/or vines

Small bowls and pots


To assemble the grazing board, start by placing the bigger items such as the terracotta pots or bowls on the table. Fill with eggs, making the eggs “spill” out of the pots. Add some of the greenery, and then fill the board out with the macarons and cookies. Use berries or flowers to fill any remaining spots.