The Australian Classics Collection

We're bringing back the golden days with a special collection of Koko. Be the first to take a bite from our Australian Classics range and rediscover all the flavours, textures and happiness you remember. It's never too old to be young again.

NEW! Build your own chocolate block set

Get in their good books with a library-load of scrumptious chocolate blocks! Build your own gift set with four handpicked favourites and we'll wrap them in a gift sleeve.

Personalised Gift Cube

Choose your Koko Gift Cube and make it special with a handpicked selection of favourites from our All Rounds and Inbetween ranges.

New Lounge Menu

Savoury, sweet & ready to eat. Whether you like to keep it sweet or prefer something a little savoury, we have the perfect pick for every palate.

Our Stores

Discover our handmade collections, uncover our stories and enjoy a moment of Koko, far away from the hustle and bustle, in a world of our own.