Australian Native Collection

Bringing you the true taste of our place. Native Ingredients and Superfoods now reimagined in chocolate.

We're making things a little sweeter!

Receive our 200g Milk Chocolate Roasted Toasted Macadamias when you spend $85. Receive our 9 Piece Australian Native Collection Gift Box when you spend $120.

Koko's Sweet Relief

We’ve got this, Melbourne, one day and one praline at a time! Countdown each day with 49 pralines of positivity in Koko’s Sweet Relief.

New Lounge Menu

Savoury, sweet & ready to eat. Whether you like to keep it sweet or prefer something a little savoury, we have the perfect pick for every palate.

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Discover our handmade collections, uncover our stories and enjoy a moment of Koko, far away from the hustle and bustle, in a world of our own.