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Our Favourite Kris Kringle Gift Ideas

It’s the sweetest, jolliest time of the year. With work Christmas parties and friends and families gathering to spread happiness and cheer, there’s a lot of love to go around during the Christmas season. For many of us, Kris Kringle is a big part of celebrating each other in a fun and wholesome way during the festive season – but what to buy to spoil your secret recipient? In this article, we’re sharing our top picks of festive fancies to spoil  your Kris Kringle and Secret Santa this Christmas.

What is Kris Kringle?

Kids hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree

Kris Kringle (or Secret Santa) is a mystery gift exchange, celebrated in workplaces and amongst families and friends. A budget is agreed to, a deadline is a set and with everyone’s names in a hat, it’s time to discover who your Kris Kringle recipient is. But what do they like? Perfume? Clothing? Books? 

How to Choose a Kris Kringle Gift?

The best way to choose a Kris Kringle gift is to get everyone to write down five things they enjoy – that could be hobbies, particular interests or exactly what they’re looking for. This will make it super easy to find the perfect gift, especially for large groups, such as for an office Kris Kringle, where you might not know everyone. 

If you do know the recipient well, think about what their likes and dislikes are, favourite foods, TV shows, movies, sayings or expressions. This will help guide your creativity to gift them something that speaks specifically to them. Although, with smaller budgets, sometimes the best gift is something they can taste, savour and enjoy.

At Koko Black, we’re giving the gift of happiness this Christmas and taking the hard work out of gift-giving. With a curation of gifts at your fingertips, we’ve made Kris Kringle easy. Find our top picks and favourites for any gift giver whether it’s for a family Kris Kringle, for friends or colleagues! 

Our Top Kris Kringle Ideas This Christmas

1. The Marbellous Collection

The complete collection of our newest marbles, spoil your secret recipient with a full collection of Christmas flavours. Find fruity, nutty, boozy and bright flavours caught in chocolate and bound by magic. An utterly marbellous, perfect present for a total sensory experience for a loved one.

2. 16 Piece Christmas Gift Box

Make your Kris Kringle’s Christmas wish come true with our delectable 16 piece Christmas gift box. Find ganache infused with fresh orange zest, cinnamon and nutmeg, rum-soaked raisins and Baileys. Treat them to a very special box of pralines including new festive flavours and our most-loved favourites.

3. Customise Christmas Block Set

Four of your favourite blocks, wrapped in glittering gold. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like a personalised gift of the heart. Simply select four blocks from our decadent array of milk or dark, filled or flavoured, festive or favourites. A curated cultivation of flavours for the Kris Kringle who has everything.

Kris Kringle Ideas Under $30

For Kris Kringles under $30, we have a splendid range of gifts to spoil them rotten.

1. Milk Chocolate Christmas Brittle 250g

Our newest Christmas treasure, our milk chocolate Christmas Brittle is something to savour and share. Treat them to seasonally spiced caramel studded with salty cashews, pistachios and cranberries, dunked in the finest milk chocolate. Santa approved Kris Kringle done right. 

2. Bon Bon of Stars – Available in Milk & Dark Chocolate

For something small and sweet, you can't go past our Bon Bon of Stars. You’ll see the twinkle in your Secret Santa’s eye when they pop their Bon Bon and reveal a galaxy of stars, in creamy milk and decadent dark chocolate. A favourite amongst the truest Koko Fans.

Kris Kringle Ideas Under $20

For Kris Kringles under $20, find an assortment of sweet treats to share and enjoy. 

1. Ho Ho Hot Cocoa

A pinch of spice, and all things nice, our Hot Cocoa is a sight to be seen, and tasted!A sweet afternoon treat that’s the perfect secret gift for a work colleague, foodie or chocolate collector. Wrap it up on its own or add it to another gift to top off the perfect Kris Kringle.

2. Milk Chocolate Silly Snowmen & Topsy Trees

A collectable tin of merry things, filled with the tastiest Christmas morsels your Kris Kringle will be delighted to receive. Filled with our delightful milk chocolate snowmen and topsy trees, gift them Koko goodness and a collectable keepsake they can reuse time and time again (thanks Kris Kringle!) 

3. Milk Chocolate Christmas Marshmallow 130g

For your friends or colleagues that enjoy the taste of marshmallowy, chocolate goodness, gift them our delightful milk chocolate Christmas Marshmallow bites. Classic Christmas flavours enveloped in luscious layers of our signature creamy milk chocolate. A Koko signature they won’t forget!

Kris Kringle Ideas Under $10

For Kris Kringles under $10, pick something sweet to give the gift of happiness this Christmas.

1. White Chocolate All Over Pavlova Block 80g

Drawing on our Australian roots, we’ve created the perfect block inspired by the classic dessert that your Secret Santa will remember for the year to come. Surprise them with zesty passionfruit, bright blueberry and crunches of meringue. You won’t disappoint with our white chocolate All Over Pavlova block this Christmas.

1. Dotties Cubes

Perfect for your Kris Kringle with dietary requirements, our edible ornaments return for a limited time, in ten bold and beautiful flavours. From vegan and dark chocolate, to Magic Pudding bites there’s a little treat for all. With ten for $65 you can gift or, keep for yourself and hide away for snacking.

No matter your budget, or your taste, we have the perfect Kris Kringle gift for everyone on your list. There’s stocking stuffers, decorations for the tree, and thrills of an unfurled bonbon. It’s the little bit of magic that makes Christmas feel special. Make your own memorable moments in Koko style and shop the extensive Christmas collection range online now.