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Reimagining Australian Classics

There’s nothing quite like a little nostalgia to get you through these gloomy, winter months. Unless that nostalgia just happens to be coated in smooth, creamy artisan chocolate, that is. 

Our Australian Classics
Koko Black​​

We have created the Australian Classics Collection that includes some of our most beloved childhood favourites, reimagined and given that lush Koko twist. 

"Every single person has memories they can look back to as the ‘good old days’—where milk bars were on every corner, and where summers were filled with memories of birthday parties, fetes and trips to the tuckshop.

"We want our Australian Classics Collection to reinvent these moments in a contemporary way, making people feel those fond Australian memories are here. That the golden days are now, and that you’re never too old to feel young again,” said our head chocolatier and product innovation manager, Remco Brigou.

Our Australian Classics
Koko Black​​

The new Koko Black Australian Classics Collection includes Aussie sweets iconic like Golden Gaytime, Iced Vovo, Wagon Wheels, Lamingtons and many more… but not as you know them.

Some of the new flavours include: Gaytime Goldies (an omg worthy vanilla and malted caramel ganache, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with hazelnuts); Koko Vovo (to-die-for milk chocolate coated biscuit topped with strawberry rosewater marshmallow, raspberry jelly and coconut); Jam Wagons (crumbly biscuit topped with marshmallow and raspberry, coated in milk chocolate); Lamington Slice (sweet chocolatey marshmallow and raspberry jelly, dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with coconut); and many more.

Just quietly, we’re already pining for seconds of Honey Joys, of which we promise a nostalgic sugar high worthy of the most indulgent after-school cereal mixing sessions.