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Certified Cocoa
100% Natural

These small batch spirits are hand crafted using pristine local rainwater and finest botanicals – including some quintessentially Tasmanian ingredients. Summer Gin features brown boronia flower, Tasmanian leatherwood honey and Tasmanian mountain pepper berries. Hellfire’s Sloe Gin uses berries from rural hedgerows and thickets growing wild around Tasmania. The Limoncello is made with locally sourced lemons.

Product contains 3 bottles, each at 200mL.

The sweetness and nuttiness of the Honey Macadamias, and the Dark Zesty Orange & Almond Block, match particularly well with the fruity Sloe Gin. The Summer Gin is made using Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey, which is a perfect match for our Leatherwood Honeycomb! The citrus zing of our Lime Caramel Marbles pairs wonderfully with the Hellfire Limoncello accent.