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A dark, zesty celebration of native Australian flavours lend themselves beautifully to Larrikin's Sunburnt Country Bush Tucker Gin. We've carefully paired this gin with a curated collection of premium Koko Black chocolate to please the palate and intrigue the imagination.


  • Larrikin Sunburnt Country Bush Tucker Gin 700mL
  • Australian Native Praline Gift Box | 16 Piece
  • Lemon Myrtle Single Origin | 72% Dark Chocolate Block
  • Dark Zesty Orange & Almond | Dark Chocolate Block
  • Tasmanian Leatherwood Honeycomb 100g | Milk Chocolate

A collaboration and celebration of premium local gin distillers from across Australia, reflecting their local, native or experimental flavours. Each gin from the Distillers Collection has been selected to pair with a beautifully curated collection of premium Koko Black Chocolate. 


Sunburnt Country Bush Tucker gin is jam packed with bright citrus and fruits, and the higher proof alcohol gives a spicy mouthfeel. Paring perfectly with dark chocolate, the Native Pralines, and the lemon myrtle in the Lemon Myrtle block highlight some of the unique Australian botanicals present in the gin.

Distilled in small batches at Ballarat’s first distillery since the 1930s, this gin showcases native Australian botanicals against a medium Juniper profile. Hints of dried Kakadu plum, blood lime zest and a unique roasty character interplay with strawberry gum and lemon notes. There’s even a nod to history: bottled at exactly 50.7% ABV, the gin commemorates the famous 50.7 degrees C which was registered in Oodnadatta on 2 Jan 1960 and is still Australia’s hottest ever recorded temperature