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Unwrap handcrafted Koko favourites that are sure to dazzle.
Certified Cocoa
100% Natural

This joyful bundle is full of cult hits and crowd pleasers. The flavours are festive and the artistry is edible!

Handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, supporting 100% sustainably sourced cocoa.

  • Silly Snowmen & Topsy Trees | Milk Chocolate
  • Classic Christmas Pudding | Milk Chocolate Block
  • Magic Pudding Bites 200g | White Chocolate
  • A Bon Bon of Stars | Dark Chocolate 200g
  • Golden Dotties Cube | White Chocolate
  • Caramelised Coconut Dotties Cube | Milk Chocolate
  • Ho Ho Hot Cocoa 300g
  • Falling Star Pop 20g | Gold Chocolate
  • Falling Star Pop 20g | White Chocolate
  • A Spectacle of Speculoos 80g | Dark Chocolate Block
  • All Over Pavlova 80g | White Chocolate Block
  • Moreish Dotties Cube | Milk Chocolate