Personalise your gift cube

Our gift cubes are your chance to Koko, your way (or their way). Choose your gift cube and handpick any four of your favourite All Rounds and Inbetweens.

Leatherwood Honeycomb Milk 100g

Leatherwood Honeycomb Dark 100g

Velvety Marshmallow Milk 110g

Rocky Rogue Milk 130g

Salty Cashew Crunch Dark 130g

Rocky Rogue Dark 130g

Velvety Marshmallow Dark 110g

Salty Cashew Crunch Milk 130g

Caramelised Coconut Dotties 150g

Hazelnut Gianduja Bombs 130g

Coffee Chatter Beans Dark 150g

Caramel Chocolate Freckles Milk 130g

Fruity Nutty Drops Milk 150g

Roasted Toasted Macadamia Dark 120g

Roasted Toasted Macadamia Milk 120g

Roasted Toasted Almonds Dark 150g

Roasted Toasted Hazelnuts Milk 120g

Roasted Toasted Hazelnuts Dark 120g

Roasted Toasted Almonds Milk 150g