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Celebrate World Vegan Day with Koko

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with Koko Black. Learn about vegan chocolate & how Koko Black Vegan chocolate is made with plant-based ingredients here in Melbourne.

With World Vegan Day fast approaching (1st of November for those not in the know), we are excited to celebrate with a collection of plant-based goodies specially curated for the big day. From dark chocolate blocks to in-between bites that are packed with flavour, our vegan-friendly chocolate range will transform the way you see plant-based chocolate for good!

When is World Vegan Day?

World Vegan Day (WVD) first started in 1994 as a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the term ‘vegan’. Now WVD is a celebration of all things animal-friendly, plant-based and earth-centric and is usually held on the 1st of November every year.

What is vegan-friendly chocolate?

Vegan-friendly chocolate has no animal-derived products. This means no dairy, honey, or whey.  

For all Koko Black milk chocolate lovers looking for a dairy-free delight, we are excited to bring back our Mylk chocolate for Christmas 2022. Mylk-chocolate is coconut-based chocolate that looks and tastes just like milk chocolate but even better! With hints of coconut, marshmallow and a creamier texture it’s a delicious dairy-free treat perfect for lactose-free chocolate lovers. 

For a year-round staple, dark chocolate is a beautifully bold experience of cocoa. And vegan-friendly!

Benefits of Koko's vegan-friendly range

Not only does our range of vegan-friendly mylk and dark chocolate taste amazing but it’s also got some great health benefits (because we all need a reason to eat more chocolate)!

  1. 1. Studies show that eating dark chocolate once a week can lower blood pressure and improve heart health.
  2. 2. Enjoying 70% cocoa chocolate (or higher) may improve brain power and cognition.
  3. 3. Lower in glucose and sugar than milk chocolate, so our vegan-friendly range can be eaten as part of a healthy diet.
  4. 4. Contains antioxidants and nutrients, which can be beneficial for gut health and radiant skin.
  5. 5. Our entire range is 100% natural and preservative-free!

Our Top Five Vegan-Friendly Favourites

1. Twinkling Tree | Caramelised Almond & Cranberry |  Mylk Chocolate: New to our holiday collection, our Twinkling Tree is a festive feast – a sweet chocolate Christmas tree crafted for the senses. Featuring silky smooth coconut mylk chocolate, decorated with indulgent bursts of caramelised almond and cranberry clusters.

2. Dark Chocolate Dottie Cubes: Available in our signature dark chocolate and with pure infusions of sweet peppermint, juicy orange or caramelised coconut, Dotties are a crowd pleaser, a perfect Kris Kringle or office gift to share or hide away for Christmas Day, and with a dark chocolate option, they make the best vegan snack option for something a little bit sweet. 

3. Hot Cocoa powders: Our hot cocoa powders blended with plant-based milk are  the perfect afternoon treat. Choose from our Christmas flavours, like Candy Cane or Ho Ho Hot Cocoa, and our year-round favourites Chilli, Caramel, Mocha and Dark, you’ll be sure to find your next favourite hot drink to add to your collection.


4. Native Blocks: Taste our place with our Davidson Plum 70% dark chocolate or Lemon Myrtle 72% dark chocolate from our Australian Native collection. Bold, zesty and distinctive flavours offer uniquely Australian tastes on single-origin blocks. 

5. Vegan Festive Delights Hamper: The merriest of ways to celebrate the festive season, discover the Vegan Festive Delights Hamper. Revel in our favourite Santa-approved vegan-friendly treats, from our signature Hot Cocoa to Twinkling Trees. Wrap under the tree for merriment and glee!

At Koko Black, we’re all about finding the percentage that’s perfect for you. Step into the Dark with our signature 54% dark chocolate, like Midnight Ganache – plant-based 80% dark chocolate ganache encased in a 60% dark shell ortake things to the extreme with Dominican Republic 100% cocoa. So, whether you prefer a sweeter treat or a bold bite, there’s a vegan-friendly block, hot chocolate, or all rounds for you to discover, gift and share this World Vegan Day.