Single Batch has Arrived.

Enjoy unexpected creations handcrafted by our master chocolatier.


Limited Edition Creations

Only here for a short time.

At Koko Black, our job isn’t just making chocolate. We’re here to make chocolate different. More mouth-watering, mind-expanding, even world-changing.

What is Single Batch?

Our master chocolatier starts with 100% natural ingredients mixed with fresh thinking to create delicious, unexpected flavour combinations that are in a class of their own.

It's a mix of one part conviction, to one part curiosity, to one part creativity that we call our ‘SINGLE BATCH’.

Spiced Pumpkin Marbles

We’ve taken our magic marbles for a ride this Halloween.
We’ve spiced up fresh pumpkin juice and roasted pumpkin with our favourite aromatics like ginger, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon then folded in smooth white chocolate to create the most fragrant ganache.

Behind the Wasabi Pea

With the strong link between sushi and wasabi, I wanted to make people think about other ways of using and eating wasabi, and so experimented with the flavour by combining wasabi with chocolate. As the combination is also so unexpected, I thought it would be an interesting fusion for the very first Single Batch release.

- Master Chocolatier, Remco Brigou